Add a new supplier

To be able to receive documents via Pagero Online you must approve the issuers, your suppliers. To do so you need to add the suppliers in your supplier directory. Below you will find instructions on how to approve and add suppliers.

  1. Go to the tab Supplier Directory and click on Search and add Suppliers.
  2. Search for the supplier you wish to add.
  3. When you find the supplier, click on Add.

The supplier will then be added in your supplier directory, My suppliers. However, this does not mean that you automatically will receive electronic invoices from this supplier. It only means that you have approved this supplier to send electronic documents to them. The responsibility to start send documents electronically lies with the supplier. You, the recipient, must contact the supplier and ask them to start sending their documents electronically to you.

If the supplier is using Pagero as service provider, you can send a request in Pagero Online. This request will be sent to the supplier and they can respond if they wish to send documents electronically. However, if the suppler are using another service provider you must contact the supplier outside of Pagero Online, and ask them to start sending their documents to you electronically.  


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