Add a new recipient to your customer directory

Add recipients - Search, find and add the correct recipient

  1. To find the correct recipient, go to the tab Customer Directory – Search and add customers.

Here you can search for the recipients you wish to send electronic documents to. You can search by company identification number (such as VAT-number, TAX-ID, Organization number), or by company name. When the search is done, you can click on the company name to see more information about the recipient, to make sure it is the correct one. When you have found the correct recipient, click on “Add”, and follow the steps.


Different ways for different service providers

The routine to add a recipient differs depending on which service provider the recipient is using. The first step is although always the same.

A service provider is, like Pagero, a company who handles and distributes electronic documents in different ways. Pagero has interoperability agreements with many of the service providers, which means that you can reach all customers behind the service provider. Pagero always strive to add more to our network so that you should be able to reach all your customers electronically.


When you click on add (see the previous image) you will be forwarded to a number of steps. Follow the steps, and add the requested information.

The steps may vary depending on special settings, the used service provider etc. Read the information and follow the steps.

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  • Hi Team,
    could you please insert in Pagero a new one Customer n. for Comune Di Rosignano Marittimo - CRS ID 501390476 with this information:

    ENTITY: Comune Di Rosignano Marittimo
    SOLD TO: 501390476
    Street address: Via Dei Lavorati 21
    Postal code: 57016
    City: Rosignano M Mo Li
    Country: Italy
    VAT NUMBER: IT00118800499

    Thank you, Loredana
    Logged in as Loredana P, Hewlett-Packard Italiana SRL
    Customer number: SM31465

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