Send attachments via Pagero Connect

Using Pagero Connect you can send attachments both with invoices to be distributed to the recipients by E-print, and with e-invoices.

Activate the attachment feature

  1. Log in to Pagero Online and click Settings. If this link is unavailable, it’s probably because you don’t have administrator rights for your account. Contact the person who has administrator rights and ask he or she to log in to Pagero Online and apply these settings.
  2. In Settings, go to: Settings– Settings – User settings – Outbound. Under Attachments, select Enable manual handling.



  1. Click Save. Invoices you send will now await attachments before being sent.

Add and send attachments

  1. Start Pagero Connect  
  2. To add an attachment to an invoice, you first have to send the invoice to Pagero Online.
  3. The invoice is displayable under Views– Outbound – Pagero Online – Files awaiting attachments.



  1. Select the invoice you wish to add an attachment to and click Add attachment.
  2. Locate the attachment and state the document type. You can also write a note in the text box. Click Ok.




  1. Make sure that your attachment has been linked to the correct invoice by clicking the invoice. If the attachment is displayed in the third and last field it has been correctly attached. The invoice is now ready to be sent to the recipient with the attachment.